No matter what your business, excellent customer service is crucial to your continued success. It not only increases customer satisfaction, but leads to repeat business and builds loyalty, which is what every business wants. In fact, according to Customer Service, 91.5 percent of customers are unlikely to recommend your company after a bad customer service incident. Although customer service comes in many forms, at some point all customers call on the phone. It is at this point that the PARSA Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) begins your excellent customer service. By connecting your customer with the right department, agent or IVR application in the shortest possible time, you are delivering an exceptional experience to every customer who calls.

The PARSA ACD provides for both SIP and TDM support, so home Agents can be integrated on their home or mobile phones, or SIP User Agents. It not only offers the latest in system-level functions and features, but its Agent Screen interacts with the Agents to provide them with both the caller information and the information they need to manage themselves. Additionally, The PARSA ACD gives you multiple ways to keep track of what your Agents are doing and to manage their quality-of-service (QoS). Additionally, with the Supervisor-defined Dashboards, monitoring your PARSA ACD can be made to suite your definitions ACD General Activity, Skills Group, Agent, and Call Monitoring, Queue Service Levels, and Agent Supervision.

  • Provision and manage the PARSA ACD from anywhere with its web-based interface
  • Open new revenue streams using the Diameter interface with charging capabilities 
  • Stay up-to-date on all kinds of statistics with customizable Dashboards, reports and Call Detail Records (CDRs)
  • Shorten Agent talk-times with an integrated IVR and survey tool
  • Elevate Agents’ service levels with a handy status window that offers information or scripts
  • Enable Agents to stay on-time with the integrated clock that provides timers for the call, the clean-up and even the agent breaks
  • Increase Agent performance with Action Value Pairs that uses the caller variables gathered during the IVR script or in web services
  • Empower Agents by allowing them to input information gathered from the caller, which can then be used in an IVR script or web service