IVR / ITR Service

IVR / ITR Service Delivery Platform

Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs) generally simplify architectures, eliminate the need for costly and inflexible vertical structures and also significantly reduce the need for specialized skills in the service development field. SDPs include a set of components that provide a service’s delivery architecture (such as service creation, session control and protocols) for a type of service, and bridge the gap between IT and communications networks by combining technologies that deliver services to end-user communication devices.

The PARSA Service Delivery Platform is a multi-service SDP which integrates these (telecom and IT) capabilities and the creation of services beyond technology and network boundaries. It is optimized for the delivery of services within IMS, Mobile, TDM, WEB and hybrid environments, and integrates a robust and scalable service control environment, an award-winning service creation environment, an OAM&P console, an industry-leading service orchestration and execution environment, and MSML/MSCML/VXML abstractions for media control. With its integration of third-party technologies and other low-level SIP communications capabilities, the PARSA SDP is well suited for today’s and tomorrow’s networks.