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+15 years of releentless innovation and creativity make us a Partner of Choice for many national and international brands

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Software Development

Software Development | Parsa Technology

Be it a software product or a unique solution, PARSA Technology can offer your company end-to-end custom software development services to make your...

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development | Parsa Technology

Platform-specific native mobile apps offer high performance, better customer experience and have higher reliability. Our expert mobile app developm...

Web Application Development

Web Application Development - Parsa Technology

Be it a software product or a unique solution, PARSA Technology can offer your company end-to-end custom software development services to make your...


Automatic Call Distributor - Parsa Technology

No matter what your business, excellent customer service is crucial to your continued success. It not only increases customer satisfaction, but lea...

IVR / ITR Service

IVR / ITR Service - Parsa Technology

Service Delivery Platforms (SDPs) generally simplify architectures, eliminate the need for costly and inflexible vertical structures and also signi...


Software Development | Parsa Technology

As a pre-sales professional service, PARSA Voice Communications offers, at no charge, the services of our expert team of professionals to design th...

Our Vision | Parsa Technology
Our Vision

Our vision is to position and consolidate our company as a leading supplier of Software Engineering products and services at a national level. With international projection, methodologies and standards, we use cutting-edge technology that allow us to develop effective, reliable, scalable, and economic products that improve our costumers’ competitiveness and our own as well.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to assist our clients to achieve a more competitive and profitable situation, applying the principles of organization, engineering, methodology and human resources. We develop and apply technologically innovating solutions to satisfy the customer’s needs and goals.

Our Mission | Parsa Technology


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With the Hawala and Exchange white-label solution, MSPs and Exchanges significantly speeds up the development process of their internal and external systems. Our flexible multi layer technology solution give enough flexibility to the customer to be able serving their customer in the most flexible model based on the customer needs.


As you expand your business, processes and system can be inefficient and add unnecessary costs, risks, and delays. Muhaseb allows you to move beyond the workarounds to a smarter, more integrated, and scalable way of thinking. Muhaseb financial management software brings together your accounting and financial operations – making you more efficient, more in control and giving you live visibility and insight across your organisation and your customer target market.

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Our SDP solution enables the client to be connected to multiple telecoms SMS Center and Voice gateway and manage their SMS and IVR services in one single platform. It enables our users to create the service order with just one click. Implemented to more than 30 local and international companies

Aid Humanitarian Digital Payment Gateway (AHD)

AHD Solution, is specifically designed and tailored for the current humanitarian aid distribution processes in the remote. The product is designed based on the reviewing the needs of several aid agencies, banking, EMI (Electronic Money Institution), and MSP (Money Service Provider). Now any one in the Cash or Non-Cash distribution AID could directly employ PARS’s solution to address their need accordingly.

Aid Humanitarian digital Payment Gateway
Smart Banking solution
Smart Banking Solution

Smart Banking Solution, give the opportunity to the banking sector for provision of their services to remote area through the IVR and SMS services. Two implementation KBL/ACB

PARSA Trading

Implement a spot and leverage trading application accessible through the web and mobile application and enable registered end users to buy and sell Gold and Silver

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